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The View Shows Video of Trump in Handcuffs…”Not Real Yet”

Does anybody still watch “The View?” The daytime talk show featuring left-leaning chatterboxes seems to be sliding ever deeper into irrelevance — and if a clip from Monday is any sign, denial, too.

Admittedly, there are a lot of interesting things that a panel could talk about. Hollywood is collapsing, with liberal darling Kevin Spacey now the latest in a seemingly endless parade of sexual deviants to be fully exposed, if you’ll pardon the expression.

In politics, it looks increasingly likely that Hillary Clinton’s campaign knowingly paid for a fake dossier linked to Russia, and collaborated with the FBI to make sure her opponents were spied on.

Instead of any of these stories, however, “The View” decided to focus on the real bombshell: President Trump is going to jail.

Oh, you didn’t hear about that? Neither did anybody else who lives in reality, but the increasingly blasé talk show is convinced it’s happening. Using a mock YouTube video, the group of women showed just how desperate they were to believe in fantasy.

“The video showed other Trump administration officials — and President Donald Trump himself — being perp-walked past a smiling Ivanka. And only once it was over did they protest that it wasn’t real,” reported the Independent Journal Review.

Yes, the left is now clinging to hope that not only will Trump be impeached, he’ll be taken away in handcuffs… and their source of inspiration is a chopped-up video that somebody edited together for a laugh.

The hosts tried desperately to link the president’s “pending arrest” to the recent charges against Paul Manafort, who briefly served as Donald Trump’s campaign manager long before the election.

Trump himself fired the executive after questions about conflict of interest arose, and the legal problems faced by Manafort have not been linked to the Trump campaign or presidency in any tangible way.

“I want to just be clear. That was actually scenes from the show ‘Daredevil’ with the theme song from ‘To Russia With Love.’ I don’t know who did it. They did a beautiful job. It looks like a really great thing,” squawked Whoopi Goldberg, an alleged comedian.

The former actress revealed just how gullible she apparently thought her audience is by reiterating again that Trump had not, in fact, been arrested.

“It’s not real,” she assured the loyal viewers… all ten of them. “I just want to make sure people understand that because people say, ‘Oh, my God, they put this thing out and they said this was real.’ We know it’s not real. It’s a mock-up that somebody sent out.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Whoopi.

Make no mistake: The hosts of “The View” frantically want the fake video to be authentic.

“It’s not real yet,” chimed in Joy Behar. Never underestimate Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Remember long ago — say, last month — when sharing humorous viral videos was tantamount to treachery? Apparently if it shows the president in handcuffs, suddenly it’s hilarious.

The truth is that every time liberals are convinced they’ve “cornered” Trump, he comes out winning.

Democrats lost the House, the Senate, the majority of governorships, most of the state houses, and dismissed Trump even before the primaries.

Instead of focusing on getting back in touch with the American people, they seem to be more interested in running off into la-la-land.


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