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ARCHIV: US-Schauspieler Tom Hanks posiert in Beverly Hills (Foto vom 18.06.11). Fuer Hanks waren die Dreharbeiten zu "Cloud Atlas" ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis. "Als Filmliebhaber in Babelsberg zu arbeiten ist wie ein Traum", sagte der 56-Jaehrige im dapd-Gespraech. Dort seien all die grossen deutschen Filme des Expressionismus entstanden, etwa Fritz Langs "M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Moerder" oder "Der blaue Engel" mit Marlene Dietrich. "Fuer mich sind Filmstudios wie Kirchen: Sie stecken voller Geschichte", sagte Hanks. (zu dapd-Text) Foto: Matt Sayles/AP/dapd

Tom Hanks on Trump’s media attacks: ‘As an American, it concerns me’..

Actor Tom Hanks said that President Trump’s attacks on the media bear a resemblance to tactics used by repressive governments to sow distrust and disdain for the press.

“As an American it concerns me, because it’s monkeying around with our Constitution,” Hanks told CNN’s David Axelrod in an interview for his show“The Axe Files,” adding that Trump has sought to muddy facts and shake public confidence in long-standing institutions.

“They’re throwing dirt and oil into a bucket of water, so that it all becomes undrinkable after awhile,” he said.

Trump has frequently directed his ire at news outlets, particularly The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN,  arguing that he is often treated unfairly by the press.

But his attacks have also called the media’s credibly into question. He often levels accusations of “fake news” against news outlets who cover his administration critically.

Hanks said he doesn’t think the Trump administration is trying to shut news organizations down outright. But he said that the White House appears to be employing a tactic to discredit the media and obscure hard facts.

I don’t know that they’re saying we have to shut them down so they don’t publish anymore. What is happening is something that is more subtle and more insidious and I think has more fingerprints from other…governments in the past.

(h/t thehill)

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