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SHOCKING: Frederica Wilson Just Attacked Barron Trump! [VIDEO]

Frederick Democrat Frederica Wilson is trying to be relevant. The Floridian got headlines for attacking our President and accusing him of being heartless to a grieving widow. This week she made it even worse and attacked President Trump’s young son, Barron Trump. This woman is so damn trashy. Listen. According to …

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Ratings for Anti-Trump Late-Night Comedies Hit ROCK BOTTOM!

Kimmel, Colbert, and Meyers are destroying late-night comedy as we know it. The three liberal hacks have become obsessed with pushing their anti-Trump agenda, and try to use comedy to force their liberal beliefs on us through shame and mockery. Late-night comedy shows used to be light and fun, but …

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Report: Obama’s ATF Approved Bump Stocks in 2010

While bump stocks are taking criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike, it is interesting to note that the devices were approved for sale in 2010 by Barack Obama’s ATF. The ATF approved the devices because they do not convert a semiautomatic rifle into an automatic. Rather, they are an accessory …

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