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Singer Asking White People to Withdraw to the Back, Offering Seats to Minorities…Some White ‘Racists’ Refused, So…

Race has always played a major role in America, but as of late, we’re witnessing a heightened interest on the topic on behalf of the ever-persistent liberals. For years back, we were convinced the racial issue was taking its toll on America and its citizens, without the lefties reporting even back in Obama’s era that, for instance, the black-on-black violence has been far more deteriorating to the country.

Recently, a white volunteer photographer at a music festival in Halifax, Canada, took massive heat from performer Lido Pimienta, who asked her to rush back to the back of the room. The reason, one might wonder?

Well, as the artist pointed out, the photographer seemed to him as Caucasian.

It is a known fact the signer always has her first rows reserved for African-American people, while ‘whites’ should make room for them in case a spot is taken. The photographer was, naturally, in the front, taking pictures for her article, but this didn’t stop Pimienta from demanding she moved back, a request inspired solely by the photographer’s skin color.

“She just kept saying, ‘Move to the back,’” an attending member stated later on.

“Finally after saying it about 10 times — and the woman refused to move — [she] said, ‘You are cutting into my set time and you are disrespecting these women, and I don’t have time for this.’”

This brought not just anger, but confusion among citizens of America.

The festival has long labeled the singer as a “role model,” and even dared to apologize for the volunteer’s “overt racism.” The festival’s heads also vowed to fight “anti-oppression and anti-racism training” next year, thus protecting Pimienta from being “interrupted.”

Wait a minute, weren’t the liberal supposed to be all about equality, and acceptance and no mentioning of race whatsoever? Guess not.

“Be responsible for your friends – talk to them and support them as they move towards unpacking their racism,” the festival declared. “People of Colour deserve safe spaces and it is your responsibility to help. It is also ours.”

Pimienta responded to the drama shortly after, writing: “I’ve been doing it for long and I’m not going to stop!”

Social media users were quick to target her particularly ‘tracial’ tendencies:

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