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REPORT: NFL Ticket Sales Have Gone Through the Floor…

It’s been a rough few days for the NFL after mass protests of the national anthem last weekend. The protests were inspired by President Trump wading into the issue and saying that players who protest the anthem should be fired. In response, hundreds of players, and sometimes entire teams, sat out the anthem.

Some furious NFL fans burned their jerseys afterward and others canceled their cable packages that included NFL games. The reactions to the protest followed a week of bad ratings for the NFL, a trend line that has been ongoing over the last year.

The NFL brand favorability also declined steeply.

The question remains whether the anthem protest will truly affect the NFL’s bottom dollar. According to one ticket sales site, the floor is already falling out on sales. The Washington Examiner reports:

Ticket sales since he called on team owners to fire players who take a knee to protest the National Anthem have cratered.

The online ticket reseller TickPick told Secrets that sales have dropped 17.9 percent, far more than the usual Week Three fall.

From TickPick:

17.9 percent decrease in NFL orders this week compared to the previous week.

Last year the drop was 10.8 percent in orders on Monday & Tuesday following Week Three games.

“We have seen a massive decrease in NFL ticket purchases this past week in comparison to years past. Week 3 seems to usually have less ticket orders than week 2, but this year ticket purchases are down more than 7 percent from this time last year,” said TickPick’s Jack Slingland.


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