CNN’s Fake News Resorts to Chris Cuomo Mocking How Trump Drinks Water [VIDEO]

Just when you think CNN can’t sink any lower into the garbage heap of “news,” they say “hold my beer,” and prove you wrong. During the morning “New Day” show, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota mocked President Donald Trump over how he takes sips of water during his speeches. It got so absurd, that […]

Melania Trump Kept Hidden A Secret Troll To Michelle Obama In Her White House Decorations

When Melania Trump made public her Christmas decorations for the White House this year, there were some haters criticizing the decorations and describing them as being “scary” and “nightmarish.” But, since Melania’s favorability ratings jumped, Melania would be the last to laugh. Previosly this year, according to The Daily Caller, Melania Trump has left a […]

Meryl Streep Calls Trump ‘Dictator Who Stole Election,’ President Gives Her Nasty Surprise

After Meryl Streep infamously bashed President Donald Trump at last year Golden Globes, she is now coming out with a new movie called “The Post,” a movie based on true events about The Washington Post in 1971. Streep is making the rounds, insisting that Trump is a “dictator” stopping a “free press” and stating that he stole […]

NBA Star LeBron James Launches ‘Crusade’ Against ‘Dictator Trump’

LeBron James is taking the NBA into a very dicey area, involving politics, activism, anti-Trump rhetoric and sports. Perhaps he should ask the NFL how that plan worked out? After pulling a political social justice stung at a recent basketball game, where he wore one black sneaker and one whote sneaker with the words “Equality,” […]

Listen (AUDIO)-Bill O’Reilly Has TAPE of someone offering $200K to falsely accuse President Trump of Sexual Harassment.

Ex-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly predicts that the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) will be on to get President Trump in January and warns us to expect fake accusations of sexual assault. (AUDIO BELOW) In a radio interview with Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly announced that “There is an audio tape of an anti-Trump person offering $200,000 […]

Trump Puts Obama To Shame, Demolishes His WH Website And Saves Taxpayers Money

A main difference between the administrations of Obama and Trump is the efficiency and cost effectiveness at which they go about problem solving. Trump is a man that likes to make things simpler, less regulations, less red tape, Obama is a man who loved to involve as many government agencies as possible in any decision […]

Christian Bale Calls Trump’s Presidency a “Genuine Tragedy,” INSTANTLY Gets Owned!

Batman actor Christian Bale recently launched a tirade against President Trump, calling his Presidency a  “genuine tragedy for America.” Twitter however, does not agree with the England native’s assessment and was not impressed with the “PC” talking points of the anti-Trump cult of Hollywood H/T – MagaNews

BREAKING NEWS From White House…Trump Family Just Got The BEST NEWS EVER !!!

Everyone criticized Melania Trump. Most of them were liberals who didn’t approve her as the First Lady. But since Donald Trump became President, her approval ratings went up. About 54 percent of those who were polled say that they have a favorable view of the First Lady. But these same people see President Donald Trump […]

Snoop Dogg Threatens Donald Trump: “If I See You Again, I Swear That I Will…

Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump once had a very good relationship. They had mutual respect and praised each other on many occasions. “You know Snoop Dogg?” He’s the best,” Trump stated. “One of the country’s top rated hip-hop artists.” but then all of this changed Snoop Dogg started the war with Trump when he remarked […]

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