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James Woods’s Shared a List of What Democrats Did to the U.S.

James Woods, who is a right-wing conservative actor, wrote in a tweet all the things Democrats unleashed upon the USA which greatly overshadows the “Russian interference to the election” lie more absurd.

The previous holder of the highest office-Obama pardoned large portions of criminals, disguising it through the so-called criminal justice reform. The majority of the pardoned were drug offenders, and let all remember what he did with the Guantanamo Bay.

Furthermore, the Obama office contributed greatly to the invasion of the illegal immigrants coming to the US.

Additionally, the former president introduced the highly controversial “Bathroom-choice” bill, which basically opened the doors to everyone using the lockers rooms and WC-  based on the gender identity.

Created an abortion factory all around the country. They demonized the police and introduced the idea that policeman is always at fault for any kind of shooting event.

Even more Christianity, which was facing attacks over the years, Obama decided to further boost the hatred and in most cases justified. Radical Islamism was categorized under the “Islamophobia” by the leftist.

This was the true picture of the old Obama office- and we are just scraping the surface, literally.

Woods continues by explaining the Democrats atrocities of helping the lazy and increasing the taxes for the true working people.

Democrats insisted on people being dependent on the government, which will explain the high taxes for the hardest working Americans and the enormous social help to the people not willing to work.

They masked this by saying they are “caring and compassionate” party and demonized the right-wing party, claiming they don’t care about the less fortunate.

In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The conservatives understand that there are a lot of people, who truly need the social help, but this is not what we are discussing now.

Furthermore, Democrats created an environment in which was more beneficial not to work and be lazy.

You see the problem here, it’s not the government, who provides these benefits, the hard-working people do.

Obviously, Democrats couldn’t care less and the fake “compassionate” shown by them, blinded their followers. If they only knew, how this will affect them, they will be shocked and will never again allow a democrat ruling party in office.

If leftist got their agenda executed, all the democrat’s followers would’ve turned to the right-wing party and begged them to change this course. Let’s pray that the American people will continue to be immune to the leftist (and the establishment).

People would likely be begging to go back to what many conservatives have advocated, but by then, it would be too late. Hopefully, people continue to resist the left (and establishment’s) power grab, but we’ll see.

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(h/t consfighters)

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