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Melania Just Received Something Michelle Obama Never Got, This Is Incredible

Donald Trump’s presidency has taken a toll on his family ever since he started his presidential campaign.

The Liberals have targeted all of his children, including his 10-year old son Barron.

This had a huge impact on Melania Trump.

But despite all this drama, we are thrilled to hear that she has just been granted an honor that has never been given to a First Lady before. Winemakers in Slovenia have just honored her by crafting a new red wine to celebrate her role as the First Lady of the United States of America. This is such a beautiful thing to do, Melania deserved this. She is the First Lady America needs.

According to our source, Donald Trump News, the wine is called “First Lady. It’s first production sold out in just three days. “It’s not a strong wine, it’s gentle like Melania,” Rok Petancic, steward of the castle where the wine originates commented. “I think this is one of the best ways we can promote our winemakers, our tourism, and Blaufränkisch as a variety.”

Vitner Lojze Kerin, who produces the wine, says it retails for around $30 per bottle. And it has already become a hot commodity in the United States and there are 2.000 bottles of the Blaufränkisch wine in the 12th century castle’s gift shop and the town center’s tourist office.

“You’ve got people who are buying the wine just to have something to talk about,” Mike Mackie, who owns the Wine Cabinet in Reston, Virginia, commented. “Some are buying the wine just as a joke on somebody else who didn’t vote for Trump. And then you’ve got people who’ve once they’ve tried the wine, realize it’s a well-made wine. So you’ve got quite a bit of demand.”

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