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Meghan McCain Takes Gloves Off, Rips Joy And Whoopi On Air For What They Said About Trump Voters

Conservative Meghan McCain has expressed saint-like patience in dealing with her liberal co-hosts on distinctly left-biased political talk show The View. However, her true feelings finally tumbled out during a testy exchange between her and her co-hosts.

On the show, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg kept bringing up Fire and Fury, the new anti-Trump book by Michael Wolff. McCain was having a hard time making her co-hosts understand that conservatives in America who support Trump do not care about the book’s existence or about anything that it says.

Stated McCain on the show, “I have never felt more conservative and more defensive of the middle of the country than I have before I started working on this show.” She then silenced them when they claimed Trump had not done anything good, saying, “There is actually positive news coming out. The Dow surpassed 25,000 points for the first time yesterday. Unemployment rates, falling to 6.8%. Companies are announcing the addition of new jobs.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin then asked, nastily, “Is he responsible for that though?” Meghan responded, “Presidents always get to take responsibility. I think the Dow, yeah because I think it is an indicator of Wall Street’s enthusiasm about Trump.” She added, “If you had people that were good at this, you would be putting this out in the news. But instead, we’re probably going to talk about Michael Wolff’s book for the next three weeks.”

She then slammed Joy for being so thick-headed about why people support Trump, saying, “I’m trying to constantly explain it. I think when you say things like, oh, I give the American people more credit. That means that everyone who voted for Trump, you’re basically saying, oh, I give them no credit. These people who voted for Trump, because your values are not my values.” She went on, “I choose to try to understand his base and why they’re so angry. And why they’re still sticking with him. He has the same approval rate on election day that he does now.” Do you think sensible Meghan is too good for this dumb show? Watch below:

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