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Libs Start: #IBelieveFrederica Hashtag…. Conservatives HIT BACK With Awesome Response

You know about the Frederica Wilson drama. If you don’t, go catch up here.

Anyway. Libs are hailing her a new Democrat HERO, because of course they are.

They love attention-hungry cartoon characters. Now they’ve got a self-proclaimed “rockstar” Rodeo Clown! (She only called herself a rockstar. Rodeo Clown is all me.)

They love her SO much, they’re doing this….

Yes, really

They tweeted this out:


I believe Frederica is a scumbag opportunist looking for her 15 minutes of fame from those suffering from extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome.




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One comment

  1. What a narcissist b**ch!!
    She sure likes to put herself forward, doesn’t she?
    She sure hates President Trump, doesn’t she?
    What the hell does she know about anything non-racial?
    Why the hats? What the hell does she know about cowboys?
    IN FACT, WTH does she know about POLITICS?
    OH ! I know ! She knows enough to get elected somehow.
    Boy, if she couldn’t dress herself up like she does she would STILL be as ugly as a mud fence.

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