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The Entire Ravens Team Just Took a Knee, But Their Fans’ Reaction Is the Real Story

Following a controversial week filled with the chaos surrounding national anthem protests, the Baltimore Ravens came out in their game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers and knelt before the national anthem as a team. However, they were met with a sea of boos coming from the fans that echoed loudly throughout the stadium.

The boos were so loud, it’s hard to hear just about anything else in the stadium. This isn’t the first time that fans have reacted this way to the protests, however. Just last week, several New England Patriots players kneeled and fans screamed, “Stand up!” and booed the players. Watch:
Despite fans clearly being unhappy, the protests are expected to continue as the NFL season proceeds through week 4.

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  1. you are total fools, where are you going to get a job at…..football will be no more, because your sponsors will back out and you will have no fan base……can you really be that stupid???????

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