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Surprise Announcement About Obama’s Birth Certificate Rocks DC

The surprising announcement was just made that the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago will not include Barack Obama’s birth certificate, or any other documents from his presidency. Western Journalism reported that the Obama Foundation has instead decided to have a digital archive of his records, “the decision has historians scratching their heads.” “All archivists are waiting […]

George H.W. Bush: “I Don’t Like Donald Trump, I Don’t Know Much About Him, But I Know He’s A Blowhard And I’m Not Too Excited About Him Being A Real Leader Like Barack Obama .”Do You Support?

revious President George H.W. Bush stated that he isn’t excessively excited for “blowhard” President Trump and he affirmed in another book that he voted in favor of Hillary Clinton. In the book, called “The Last Republicans,” the 41st president as well uncovered that he voted in favor of Trump’s Democrat competitor Clinton in the 2016 […]

Michelle Obama Emerges – Makes INFURIATING Announcement

There’s a longstanding tradition in the U.S. that former First Ladies have enough class to retreat from the spotlight and allow the successor to complete her duties unchallenged. Unfortunately, Michelle Obama is a classless egomaniac, and she has spent the last year traveling the world trying to steal as much attention from Melania Trump as […]


Ever since Sunday night, rumors have been swirling that former talk show host Oprah Winfrey is preparing to run for president after she gave a speech that brought Hollywood’s liberal elite to their feet at the Golden Globes. Now, however, Oprah’s presidential dreams may be dead in the water as some damning videos from her […]

John McCain’s Legacy DEMOLISHED Overnight As Alarming Scandals Leak

For years, John McCain has used his Vietnam POW story and veteran status to rise to political prominence, for decades portraying himself as a “Vietnam war hero.” His prestige as an American “war hero” afforded him the opportunity to become a United States Senator, where this this facade has allowed him to seamlessly bury scandals […]

Elizabeth Warren May Loose Her Seat to A Gop Navy Seal..

Though she was once viewed as the next big star in the Democrat Party, things aren’t looking as good as they used to for Massachusetts Sen. Fauxcahontas, er, Lieawatha, sorry, Elizabeth Warren, as she prepares to defend her Senate seat from Republican challengers in 2018. One such challenger who may have the outspoken progressive senator […]

Country Stars Warned About Bashing Trump At Awards Show But They Didn’t Listen, Now Look What Happened

This is normal in liberal Hollywood since stages dependably appears to display the opportunity to cause political fire in front pf the whole nation. The hosts of the 51st Annual Country Music Awards (CMA) were cautioned about bringing legislative issues into their honors introduction and they didn’t tune in. Presently, they’re seeing some enormous outcomes over it making the […]


In a brand new video posted to his Facebook page, Bill O’Reilly explains why Barack Hussein Obama is the one pulling the strings to urge Oprah to run for President in 2020. O’Reilly correctly states that Obama doesn’t like seeing his entire Presidency wiped away by President Trump, and he thinks Oprah is the only […]

Trump Orders to Remove Obama Highway Name and Get Back The Previous Name of `Old Dixie’ Highway? Do you support him?

Sometimes most of us rush to disregard the importance of names. With so many new things being created every day, things of the past can be perceived as “less relevant”. But, it’s for this same reason that names also have one valuable role. They allow us to preserve our legacy and heritage. Over the last […]