ANTIFA Plans to ‘Forcibly Remove Trump From Office’ on Nov 4th!

ANTIFA are arranging an across the country day of mobs on November fourth, which they say will drive President Trump out of office. As per two ANTIFA-based sites, plans are being made to end the ‘Trump/Pence administration’ through demonstrations of savagery and psychological warfare over the United States.

The site urgres perusers to ‘Don’t be gotten flatfooted. Call your congressman, congressperson, sheriff, leader’s office and ask them: ‘What are you going to do to guarantee these household psychological oppressors don’t escape with slaughtering more Americans?”

An outfitted Antifa amass in Philadelphia, with help from the predominant press, say they are arranging a day of rough upheaval on Nov. 4 That is the day they’ll be “persuasively expelling” President Trump from office, as per their purposeful publicity and talk.

They have covered Los Angelos with flyers.

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