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Anthem-Protesting Marshawn Lynch Just Got Struck by Severe Punishment [VIDEO]

In the NFL you’ll find various kinds of protesters. There are those who kneel, there are those who refuse to show up on the field as the anthem is playing, and then there is Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, who not only decided not to kneel but actually sat down to protest the anthem.

As his team faced off the Kansas City Chiefs, Lynch became the center of attention for a whole different reason.

Lynch was actually pulled from the game as he approached a referee as Raiders quarterback Derek Carr scored a point.

A move of this sort asks for immediate sanctions, and here’s what ESPN’s Kevin Seifert noted on the issue:

Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch could be looking at a loss of more than $100,000 for that ridiculous display. First, Lynch is subject to a minimum fine of $30,387 for making contact with an official during that melee. That he came off the bench to join the fight makes him a candidate to be suspended, as well. That would cost him a game check of $79,411.

Lynch has earned a ‘bad boy’ reputation when it came to the anthem protests. It got so bad, that the Raiders team actually tried to hide the fact that Lynch sat through the anthem.

Aside from being nasty on the field, Lynch started a fashion trend, wearing an “Everybody vs. Trump” shirt prior to the game.

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