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NFL Legend DEFENDS President Trump, SLAMS On Protesters [VIDEO]

NFL Legend, Herschel Walker, came out on Thursday in an interview with TMZ Sports to discuss the #TakeAKnee controversy. (Full Video at End Of Article) During the interview, Walker discussed how the kneeling doesn’t have anything to do with Colin Kaepernick but it “has to do with Donald Trump.” And thinks that the “Commissioner should […]

Hillary Urged Trump to Send Help to Puerto Rico. Benghazi Hero Instantly Hits Back With Scorching Response

Hurricane season has been incredibly rough for Puerto Rico this year. First, the island bore the brunt of Hurricane Irma. But the worst was Hurricane Maria, which knocked out electricity across the island. The disaster in Puerto Rico is horrible for the people. In fact, it’s so bad officials there have described conditions as “apocalyptic,” […]

Librarian Rejected Melania’s Gift To Students As ‘Racist Propaganda’ — FLOTUS Just Responded [PHOTOS]

Melania Trump has responded to the absurd actions from a Massachusetts elementary school librarian who rejected her gift of Dr. Seuss books claiming they are “steeped in racist propaganda.” The first lady donated a collection of 10 Dr. Seuss books to one school in all 50 states to celebrate “National Read a Book Day,” but […]

Vets & Truckers Are Ditching Famous Gas Station Chain Over Flag Disgrace

Over the past few days, millions of Americans have expressed their outrage over professional football players kneeling during the national anthem. Now, that outrage is turning into action. A number of truck drivers, veterans and everyday Americans are threatening to boycott the gas station chain Pilot Flying J over the actions of the owner — who […]

Young Boy Refused to Kneel for Flag, Liberal Teacher Took Matter Into Her Hands

When all the 5th-grade students dishonored the pledge of allegiance, one 10-year-old student decided to refuse to kneel for the American flag, but instead, he stood up and saluted by himself. Anyhow, the one liberal teacher saw the situation and did something outrageous. In the past year, we witnessed many multimillion players, anti-Americans and politicians […]

A Federal Judge Just Took One Look At Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal And Gave Her The Worst News Of Her Life

Hillary Clinton just got some more bad news- and we couldn’t be happier. Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch just won a major court victory- a federal judge is going to review the information that was originally redacted from Hillary’s Secretary of State emails. And the best part of all? That review will take place on camera. […]

Breaking: Oprah Winfrey Hints at 2020 Presidential Run

Oprah Winfrey might just run for president in 2020. The media mogul said in June that she “will never run for public office,” but she promoted an article Thursday saying she is the Democratic Party’s best hope for the 2020 election. “Thanks for your VOTE of confidence!” Oprah tweeted at conservative writer John Podhoretz with […]

Trump Cabinet Members Praying, Studying the Bible Together..

Members of President Donald Trump’s cabinet are gathering for prayer weekly. Vice President Mike Pence and eight cabinet secretaries sponsor the sessions, which occur weekly in Washington. It’s led by the founder of Capitol Ministries, Ralph Drollinger, who started working on arranging the Bible study during the Trump team’s transition to the White House. Sponsors […]

THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Barron Trump Is Making White House History – YOU WILL LOVE THIS…

Since 1963 many wonderful and unique kids have grown up in the white house, each with their own talents and callings, but they’ve all had one thing in common; they’ve all been girls.  Barron Trump will be taking up residence at the White House before his 11th birthday and hopefully stay there for the next 8 […]

OH MY! Melania Trump’s White House Portrait Was Just Revealed & It Is STUNNING!

The White house just released first lady Melania Trump’s official portrait today. This is massive. The photo was “taken in her new residence at the White House.” Trump’s official White House now celebrates activities with a list of magazine appearances and positions of power. “Mrs. Trump cares deeply about issues impacting women and children, and […]